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Aug 012012

Excerpt:“CO 1 is Merchant Yang Ming, the hot bright visible aspect of something. Itʼs a show of strength, of Blood and Qi together; itʼs bartering from a position of richness greater than any other meridian. There is a sense of the fullness of the Large Intestine, all the blood and qi and all the rude good health, coming out to the world to figure out whatʼs the best the world has to offer – “Iʼll take that one. No, Iʼll take that one,” picking out which Jaguar you want. I like the green one. No, I like the yellow convertible. Whatʼs the richest thing out there. The deluxe. This is the real deluxe finger, the richest of the rich.”

1 Core Knowledge NCCAOM® PDA Point / 1 CA CEU

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