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Jan 122015

When we junction inward from the taiyang to the shaoyin, it’s not as though all the fun and playfulness goes out of life!  There’s nothing wrong with being playful or spontaneous. The health of Sang Piao Xiao San is not to be afraid of playful spontaneity, but at the same time not to let our impulsivity hijack Heart’s desire. Many of my students call SPXS “The Kinky Sex Formula.”   Really it’s about ambiguity and lying

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Apr 252012

Here is a portion of an herb lecture in New Mexico, although it does not contain any actual herb references, and has more to do with how to be in deep healing relationship with the extraordinary teachings of the Sandia Mountain ecosystem. You do not need to live in or even have visited New Mexico to feel the dryness….
Audio file, 28:17, and transcript, 7 pages.

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