Nov 052013

Ethics NCCAOM® PDA Points / 2 CA CEUs

Excerpt: “I have been very interested in: What is the client-practitioner relationship anyway, and what does it have to do with healing, and what are some of its parameters and funny habits in its off-time? … You’re one of the first clients with whom I actually felt like I was doing something I could call healing, and I moved through student clinic and out into my practice on my own with you in many ways on my leading edge. And then I watched you become practitioner, and felt or sensed how that changed our relationship, for you to also be practitioner to others. I’m interested in that; I’m interested in what it is that we are doing.”

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Oct 202013

2 Ethics NCCAOM® PDA Points

Excerpt: A cancer diagnosis has its own disease trajectory – including debilitating levels of fear and intimidation during which our client must make crucial health-care decisions. Our job as healers includes supporting our clients to be capable of making decisions that truly reflect their own values, rather than making decisions based on pressure from insurance companies and oncology doctors, whose economic stake on their decisions is far from neutral. Family members may also be putting pressure on clients to manage their illness in ways that are not compatible with the client’s own wishes. As practitioners, we need to look closely at our own role in supporting the client – rather than supporting a system that often does not serve health.

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Oct 052013

1 Ethics NCCAOM® PDA Point / 1 CA CEU

Excerpt: “For clients that are seductive for whatever reasons (having very deficient fire and desperately, desperately needing to be loved especially if they are in a position of self exposure), keep on giving them all the love they are looking for but do it only from left wrist Fire, from the Heart. Let them know that they are absolutely perfect, beautiful, holy, lovable, and not G-d’s mistake.”

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