Chinese Medicine Live Classes

Live classes with Thea Elijah are an opportunity to explore, experience, interact and engage. Our learning style is what the Chinese call Gan Dong, “the transmission of knowledge that takes place only when the heart is moved.”

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I have many ‘ah-ha’s’ just being in Thea’s Herb Class. It is like going to an amazing therapist or master who is able to get inside the heart of the matter of what lies inside and allow you to see it clearly and quickly. She has brought herbs and their meaning and usage to another level. I strongly believe you should attend her lectures now because in the years to come she will be highly recognized in her field and it will be more expensive and harder to see her. I imagine hundreds of people will be at her seminars and workshops. Now you have the chance to receive her wonderful transmission of the herbs in more intimate settings. You will have a new feeling for Chinese herbs after spending time with Thea that will take your practice to another level. Not only your patients will benefit but you as a person and a healer will also benefit.

Marji, MAc Spirit of the Herbs Live Classes September 13, 2016


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Spirit of the Herbs


Whole Heart Acupuncture

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