The Fire Element

Come and play! Summer is a time when it is safe to blossom, because all danger of frost is past. What a relief! We can shed our protective layers, and stand in the open, to see and be seen as who we really are. Summer is the time of extended light and warmth, and this is the basis of its capacity to invite us into the openness and exposure that allows us to create fulfilling connections.

The gift of Fire is lightness of being. Humor, playfulness and the ability to be silly are crucial to the health of Fire. Fire understands that in order to be truly sane, you have to be a little bit crazy—and not be afraid to let that show!

Fire: Whole Heart Acupuncture

Intro to Fire

Heart and Small Intestine

Heart Mediator and Triple Heater

Exit-Entry Blocks

Fire: Spirit of the Herbs

Fire: Living the Elements

Fire: Arts, Media and Culture

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