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Coming to Clarity Through Confusion and Doubt
AFEA — Gainesville, VT — January 14, 2018


In the best of times, clarity is a guiding light that allows us to live in a way that reflects our alignment with the Tao. In difficult times, if we still have clarity, we are able to walk through danger, pain and darkness sustained by inner strength and purpose.

Clarity is one of our greatest treasures, and yet when we need it most, it may be scarce. Under pressure, clarity can be hard to find. Even after we have found it, confusion and doubt can undermine certainty—are we really sure? Really? How can we be sure that what we think is true is really true? What if we are wrong?

Clarity is only healthy if it can abide in the presence of the ambiguity and subtlety that we all face every day. Sometimes doubt turns out to be truth; sometimes confusion is a necessary doorway through which we must walk to find a deeper clarity. If we are afraid of confusion and doubt, and do not know how to walk through them, we may not find the clarity that will sustain us through the long difficult walks in life.

Join us for a workshop designed to walk each of us through our own process of coming to clarity. We will use real life examples, great and small, as opportunities to learn how to navigate through confusion and doubt to clarity that we can trust.


This class will be taught by Thea Elijah. There will be lots of exercises and practical embodied experiences, so that participants will leave feeling nourished and supported.


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Workshop Dates

January 14, 2018
9am – 5pm


One-Day Workshop: $100


Academy for Five Element Acupuncture
305 SE 2nd Ave.
Gainesville, FL 32601

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Register by Phone

Registration for this workshop is being handled by AFEA.

Please call 352-335-2332 to register!



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