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Spirit of the Herbs

Five Element Approach to Herbalism


PCOM — New York, NY — May 19-20, 2018


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What Do the Five Elements
Bring to Herbal Studies?

Fundamental to Chinese medicine is the concept that energetic patterns apply to the whole terrain of a person: to treat the body is to treat the psyche, and vice versa.

The capacity to include a rigorous assessment of the emotional landscape of the client within our diagnostic process, and then to translate our findings into specifically tailored herbal responses, requires an inclusive approach to the patterns of disharmony.

Thea Elijah’s approach to herbal studies is contextualized by the Five Confucian Transformations of Virtue, which reveal every pathology as the energetic signature of a virtue waiting to be developed. Herbs not only resolve illnesses; they also support us into living in alignment with our fullest potential.

This course is designed for 1) those who already have expertise in TCM-style herbalism and want to explore the Five Element perspective, or 2) those who are considering studying Chinese herbs, and 3) Western herbalists who wish to learn about Chinese herbs.



Course Objectives

• Learn how the Five Element and Eight Principle/Pattern of Disharmony paradigms can be practiced as part of a unified approach to both pathology and wellness

• Deepen your experiential understanding of each of the Five Elements

• Understand the rudiments of how to “translate” physical symptom patterns into spirit-level indications

• Become familiar with how commonly-used formulas transform body, mind, and spirit

• Have an opportunity to explore in yourself (as well as your clients) what it means to transform pathology into virtue



Want to know more about Chinese Medicine and the Five Elements?
Click here to view our 5E Free Resources section!



Workshop Dates

Saturday and Sunday
May 19-20, 2018
9am – 5pm


Pacific College of Oriental Medicine
110 William St, Floor 19
New York, NY 10038



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