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Earth Seasonal Emails


Registration open
from 7/1/18 – 9/17/18

Late summer is a time of natural abundance: abundance of fruits and pleasures, and abundance of hard work to prepare for winter. It is also a time when the fledglings of birds and the young of many animals are now old enough to begin to fend for themselves—but they do not always want to! Late summer is the time for asking the questions: have we learned to take care of ourselves? Is our chosen work fulfilling? Do we have a good ecological balance of giving and receiving in our lives? Are we getting what we need? Do we even know what we need (rather than what we simply want)? How do we nourish ourselves fully enough to be capable of generosity without self-sacrifice?

About the Emails

Would you like to get a daily reminder about late summer, with suggestions for simple exercises and practices that can help you receive the clarity and strength of Earth more fully?

Starting August 3, you can receive thirty days’ worth of Earth integration emails, bringing you thoughts, images and reminders of how to immerse in the energy of late summer and receive its benefits most fully. This one-month subscription will support participants in integrating Earth practices and insights into their daily lives through reminders of practical ways to develop healthy Earth.

There will be two emails each day: in the a.m. you will receive an email with a picture and text, suggesting a thought or practice for getting the most out of late summer; and in the p.m. you will receive another email with an image to reflect upon and enjoy. For those who want CEUs, once the 30-day series is finished, you can fill in the worksheet and take the quiz to receive your certificate.

A Note About Timing

If you sign up before August 3, 2018, emails will begin August 3.

If you sign up after August 3, 2018, you WILL receive the full series of emails! The series will begin the day after you register.

Registration will close on September 17, 2018.