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Sufism Audio and Articles

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If We’re All One, Why Can’t We Get Along? (MP3, 42:35)
This is a sermon Thea preached at a Unitarian church on Sufi peacemaking skills.

Distinguishing the Voices: Allah (Source/Heart), Nafs (Self) and Shaytan (Dark Whisperer) (page link)
Sufi healing has many diagnostic categories that can be useful to practitioners outside of a formal Sufi practice. The concept of distinguishing the Voices inside of ourselves, or inside of the client, can radically clarify the healing process. The Nafs is the Self, which usually seeks the perpetuation of its pleasures and fears. The voice of Allah is the voice of the Heart/Divine Unity. The voice of the Shaytan is the Dark Whisperer whose sole intent is to lead us away from our own Heart. Over two hours of audio, including a nine-page PDF.

Al-Wird (MP3, 41:40)
This is a recording of Thea leading the bead chant of al-Wird, with a brief explanation of each of the chants for each of the layers. The 4 chants are:
1) Astagfir Allah al-Athim
2) Alahumma salli ala sayidina Muhammadun, wa alihi wa sabihi wa salim
3) La ilaha ila’llah
4) Allah

Sufi Practices: Why Do Them? (MP3, 55:11)
This is a talk about the intent of the practices, and how to use distinguishing the Voices (Allah, Nafs, Shaytan) as a criterion for whether or not they are right for you.

Trusting the Teacher (MP3, 25:20)
A Sufi teacher is a helper, not a guru. This is a talk about what it means to have a healthy relationship of trust with Sidi, or with any teacher or healer.

Entering Sufism, Taking the Promise, Getting a Name (MP3, 31:14)
This is not a sermon; this is Thea’s 30-minute answer to the question of how she got introduced to Sufism. It goes on to talk about her experience of taking the Promise and getting a Sufi name (also her son’s experience of same).

A Sufi Approach to Suffering (MP3, 54:05)
This is a recording from Thea’s ongoing local class for students more familiar with Sufi practices, but there is much here that might be useful to anyone.

Allahu Akbar (MP3, 37:53)
This is a recording of Thea’s first Sufi phone class, and gives the most basic orientation to the material, and particularly to the word “Allah” as a radically inclusive unity, rather than an old man in the sky.

Astagfir Allah al-Athim (MP3, 40:20)
This recording of the second Sufi phone class speaks of the gap between the actuality of unity and our empirical perception of being separate, and teaches the first step in a movement back into direct experience of the unity.

Himma and Desire (MP3, 5:07)
What is the relationship between my desires, my prayers and the destiny for which I am created?

Adab, or the Deep Politeness (PDF, 3pp)