Whole Heart Connection Live Workshops

Whole Heart Connection has nothing to do with acupuncture and can be of benefit to any human who seeks a deeper connection to themselves and/or to fellow humans! It has been an incredibly profound experience for me and has benefited me as a father, partner, practitioner, friend, son. Every time you take it, it changes you, you are different, the people you are with are different, and the class vibe is different. And one can always go deeper.

Could you be better connected to your heart, your needs, your power, the people in your life? Could you sound the note of someone who is in this place? Can you do this for yourself? Can you do this for others? Whether its wanting a better connection to your partner, your family, your co-workers, or yourself, this class offers valuable tools to do so.

David T. Whole Heart Connection Live Workshops September 13, 2016


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