What is an Acupuncture Point?

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-QmzXnH6e3A What is an Acupuncture Point? As I understand it, how acupuncture works is that each point is like a well, or a note, a sound, or a bell that holds a deep truth about the nature of life. Then, by resonance, life experiences that are relevant to that deep truth about life tend to fall into that well, like leaves—like misunderstandings, like things that muffle and shadow and distort and keep us from accessing that deep truth. What we are doing when we place a needle in the point is one of two things, or both. One is dispersing. When we turn the needle in a dispersing way, we are clearing the debris out of the bell, so that it can ... Read more

Winter into Spring Seasonal Resources

Winter into Spring Seasonal Resources The “energetic medicine” of late winter is not the same as early winter. While pre-solstice early winter is about greeting the darkness with a willingness to rest and relax into the mystery that surrounds us (rather than being afraid of the dark), post-solstice winter is about the slow steady return of the light. Between winter solstice and spring equinox, it’s still more dark than light! It’s a long haul forward, and so late winter practices focus on strengthening the pilot light in the lower dantian, to prepare us for eventual emergence into light and action in the spring.  In creating this Late Winter not-yet-Spring resource blog, I am aware that many of us live in different parts ... Read more