The Art of Waiting The Art of Waiting I love spending the first moments of a workshop waiting.For people who haven't waited with me before: I really noticed how completely I could destroy my health while waiting. The winds that would come up, the dust devils, the incredible things that would happen to me while waiting, that were really really awful. I could get just so much worse, in every way, from waiting. That's when I decided to start practicing the spiritual and medical art of waiting. Because if things can get that bad while waiting, how good could they get? I'm really feeling for it right now as we speak, and you can join me. Waiting, what an incredible opportunity. How is my whole ... Read more

Songs of Awakening Songs of Awakening Anybody know any waking up songs? I know a lot of lullabies to help people go to sleep. But what are the songs for waking up? "You can get it if you really want..." That's a good one. "Oh, what a beautiful morning." Exactly. There you go. That's so good. Because, you know, "They say that waking up is hard to do..."   And it is sometimes! You know, I’m from New England. It’s not like below the Mason Dixon Line, where the spring comes like Beethoven’s Sixth Symphony just exhaling out of the ground. It’s grouchy up here, up North. Right? Spring seems to growl, “I don’t want to wake up.” The ground is groaning, “Springtime, where’s my ... Read more