Spring Equinox CEU Finger Scissors

Finger Scissors Here is a Gallbladder and Colon meridian disentangling exercise for people who are really not sure about the difference between their rage and their shit, and they don't want to fling shit at somebody when they are angry.   I learned this back when I was obsessed with what I called meridian entanglements, or meridian bleed-throughs. These are places in the body where the energy of one meridian, or one point on a meridian, was dominating or muddying the flow of another meridian, or points on that meridian. The solution had to do with alternately pulling the digits associated with the two meridians (one of them was usually a Wood meridian) to create contradistinction between the two associated muscle trains, ... Read more

Safety in Treating Anger

https://youtu.be/fNY2bIs3hTg This segment comes from Thea's self-guided CEU Safety in Treating Anger. Safety in Treating Anger What is healthy anger? It's something that can get very politicized, very tangled into other agendas. I'm wanting to make it clear that being right and being healthy are two different things. You can be totally right, and having a stroke. You can be totally right, and acting out in ways that are very regrettable. You can be totally right and collapsed in a small heap on the floor. We are not discussing whether or not you are right. As healers, it's not our job, actually, to discuss whether or not somebody is right about whatever they are right about. It's important not to be crediting ... Read more