Conflict of Interest in Partnership: More Wood for the Fire

Conflict of Interest in Partnership: More Wood for the Fire The spring-into-summer time period is about the transition between Wood and Fire, and the relationship between Wood and Fire. It’s a close relationship, because in this system, the Liver and the Heart Mediator are considered to be the two ends of a single meridian, called the jueyin. It is considered to be the meridian of blood and tenderness and close feelings, positive or negative. Sometimes I call it the Divorce Meridian. It’s the moment when you discover that your partner is not always your partner (Heart Mediator); they’re also your enemy, or at least your competitor (Liver). It’s the discovery of “Oh, wait a minute beloved, sometimes we have very ... Read more

Healing and Beyond

Here is another video excerpt and transcript from a Whole Heart Connection: Making Connections workshop. It’s about Healing and Walking. If you are not familiar with these terms, you can watch the video and see if the transmission reaches you anyway… or you can review my video blog from July 31, 2020, which introduces these very important concepts. Healing and Beyond I've been thinking a whole lot about healing in the context of "healing and walking"—in the context of damage—in the context of that which can (or cannot) actually be healed.   I think that this is very important these days, because there's a lot going on, inside of and outside of individual humans, that I'm not sure is actually a candidate for ... Read more