Best Use of Headache Part 1

As I understand it, a blog post is a collaborative compromise between what you might find useful to read about, and what I have in my heart to speak about. That being said, this morning I have such a bad headache. It’s a bad enough headache that I’m not actually typing this post right now on my computer. I am dictating it into my little recording device. 

I’m doing this because it occurred to me that it might be useful, on a Me-First School of Global Healing level, to write about what I’m actually doing with this headache. It’s most certainly me first! I’m the one who has this headache. It’s not easy to get all that much done with a headache like this, and it gets global really fast, as you will see.  

The first thing that I’m doing with this headache is feeling for the rest of my body, so that I have a resource to bring to the pain in my head—so that I’m not just lost in my head as the focal point of my pain. It’s like making a nest; the pain is a great big egg. The rest of my body, and the rest of my being, is becoming a nest to hold that egg.  

It does take some practice. It does take some ability to relax even while in pain. However, it’s not original for me to do this; any number of pain management methods, and chronic pain clinics, and doulas with women in labor, do a lot of teaching around, “Okay, this hurts a lot. How do we not tense up around the pain, which tends to create a kind of a reverb effect? How do we instead actually make a nest around the pain, loosen around the pain, let the rest of our body be the supportive place around where the pain is happening?”  

That takes a little time. In the process of doing this, I feel a whole lot of protest comes up: “But this shouldn’t be happening! But this is horrible! Nooo!”  There is a feeling of wanting to complain to the management office: “Are you kidding?! I have a headache today?! I have so much to do. This is not supposed to be the that way it is, according to my plan, my idea of what would be a good day, and my idea of what would be God’s best use of my time.”  

Speaking of God, the next thing that I begin doing, as I start to have a little more sense of body as nest for my poor aching head, is to access my heart and my spirit as nest, too. The ability to nest the hurting part of me comes from letting my spirit be nested in my heart.   

My fingertips are literally on my chest, and there is a literal feeling of my heart-area melting. It’s not so much about the anatomical heart on the left side as the energetic heart in the middle of the chest. That which we call ‘the heart’ in the center of the chest is the electromagnetics center of our being, meaning the part of us that is capable of entrainment. Entrainment is what you are witnessing when you see a bunch of individual birds all becoming a flock; when you see a bunch of individual fish all becoming a school; when you see a bunch of individual jazz players become a jazz band that can really swing it together; when you see a bunch of basketball players all come together and become a real team, able to feel where each of them is on the court. It’s almost like they become a flock; they can all feel each other, and maneuver in unison.  

I call that the group heart, the place where each electromagnetic field, from its center, connects with the other electromagnetic centers, and becomes a whole that is more than the sum of its parts. Birds that are in a flock can fly across great oceans that they could not cross alone; and jazz bands and basketball teams and fish and every other living being with a heart, when those hearts are connected, is capable of what they would not be capable of alone.  

I, however, at this moment do not have an entire school of human fish with me. I have a Me First School of Global Healing, so it’s true in some sense that I’m connected with many hearts right now as I narrate this, and that is a solace and a source of strength. However, even more importantly, I am taking the time to acknowledge, to soften, to open and begin entrainment with the Big Heart, or whatever we want to call that—some people call it the Divine. We could call it the electromagnetic hologram of the universe. We could call it the life force. It is that which allows birds and jazz bands and basketball teams to do things they couldn’t do alone, and it’s available all the time—and not just to groups of living beings that come together for a specific purpose. The individual heart can always connect with the Big Heart, the Group Heart of the biggest group of all.  

This also takes practice. I will say very, very honestly, that if I did not already have what might be called the spiritual practice, it would be very hard for me to find my connection to the Divine in the middle of this headache. It’s a really bad headache, but because I have a daily practice of remembrance on a very physical level of feeling that connection between my small beating heart and the Big Heart—because I have that down, because I’ve really practiced it a lot, I can find it now. All that practice makes it much more likely that I will find that connection when I’m really, really, really hurting—and that is one of the best advertisements I can think of for a daily spiritual practice.  

This nesting of my spirit in the Big Heart is the second step after loosening my body and making a nest of my body. I don’t think I could’ve done this without settling and loosening around the pain first. Tight, tense bodies that are in nothing but distress are not easy candidates for connecting with the Big Heart. This way, my body is some kind of mixture of distress and nesting place around the distress. Thus, there is a part of me that is not in distress. That part of me is the comforter; that part is holding rest of me; and that is a much more likely place for my little heart to be able to settle into the nest of the Big Heart.  

What I’ve noticed—I’m getting really honest about all this as it goes along—what I’ve noticed is that you can’t rush a healing. The part of me that is just feeling, “Oh, I’m so happy to be reconnected with the Source” is so happy. I’m reconnected with the Source, and I’m just not getting to work on anything. I’m just drinking from that fountain in the garden, drinking from the Big Heart, soaking that in. I will turn off this recording devices and just do this for 10 minutes before describing the rest of the process. 

Tune in next week for Step Two! 

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