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Living the Elements

Living the Elements

Welcome to the Living the Elements section of the Five Element Archive!

Access to these resources requires a Five Element Archive membership, except for the ones marked FREE.

The Perennial Medicine

FREE – The Perennial Medicine (15 MP3s, 74 min; PDF, 19pp)
FREE – Numerology: Comparison of 5 & 8 (MP3, 49:07)
FREE – Seasons and Weather: Integrating 5 & 8 (7 MP3s, 51:17)


Theory and Practice

FREE – Intro to Living the Elements (MP3, 52:47)
Intro to Whole Heart Connection (3 MP3s, 99 min)

The Five Elements of Recovery

Cancer and Cancer Diagnosis

FREE – Cancer as Teacher (5 videos, 243 min)
FREE – Ethical Concerns in Cancer Treatment (video, 86 min)
Treating Clients with Cancer Diagnosis 1: Theory (PDF, 84pp)

Relationships and Rapport

And More…





Intro to Wood

And More…



Intro to Fire



Earth Practitioner Development: Donate Your Body (PDF, 5pp)
I Have Needs / Needy Vampires (2 MP3s, 50:26)
FREE – Earth: Need and Hunger Parts 1 and 2 (2 videos, 16:08)
FREE – Earth: Beyond Words (video, 13:39)
Diabetes (4 MP3s, 74 min)



Intro to Metal