The Metal Element

In early Autumn, we reach the apex of life’s manifest glory. In late Autumn, the extravagance of Autumn’s early pageant yields inevitably to a spare landscape, revealing the essential and eternal structures beneath life’s extravagant outward displays. Autumn is the time of reckoning: What really matters to us? Through loss of what we value, our value system is revealed; through the inability of all our philosophies to answer the question, “Why?” we are left face to face with the mystery.

The gift of Metal is letting go of outward display in favor of cultivation of inner space and solitude, because it is in our solitude that we commune directly with Heaven’s Breath.  Solitude is not loneliness; it is the communion of the self with our own inner landscape and our own inner rhythms–particularly the rhythm of our own breath as it find its natural accord with the rhythm of the Heavens.

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Metal: Living the Elements

Intro to Metal


Metal: Whole Heart Acupuncture

Lung and Colon


Metal: Spirit of the Herbs

Mai Men Dong Tang (6 MP3s, 38:29)
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Xie Bai San: Defender of the Sacred (4 MP3s, 54:28)
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