The Water Element

Winter is a training ground for all those times in life when it’s dark and getting darker on the outside, and we are only able to face if because we have learned how to find that light deep inside of ourselves. If not for winter, we may never go deep enough inside to realize this — and yet it is the source of the greatest courage and power during hard times.

The gift of Water is the security of living in touch with the bedrock of life. It is the confidence that comes from being in touch with our own resources. Water is the rooted strength of a relaxed power that comes from truly resting in what we do know, surrounded and supported by what we don’t know — but which we can sense, in the silence, and in the dark.

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Water: Living the Elements


Water: Whole Heart Acupuncture


Kidney 1 (PDF, 4pp)
Kidney 2 (PDF, 7pp)
Kidney 2 with Kidney 16 (PDF, 5pp)
Kidney 2 with Kidney 16 and 11 (PDF, 6pp)
Kidney 3 (PDF, 1p)
Kidney 4 (PDF, 2pp)
Kidney 5 (PDF, 3pp)
Kidney 6 (PDF, 3pp)
Kidney 7 (PDF, 8pp)
Kidney 8 (PDF, 5pp)
Kidney 9 (PDF, 4pp)
Kidney 10 (PDF, 6pp)



Intro to Bladder 1-2 (PDF, 19pp)
Bladder 3 (PDF, 3pp)
Bladder 4 (PDF, 4pp)
Bladder 5 (PDF, 3pp)
Bladder 6 (PDF, 3pp)
Bladder 7 (PDF, 2pp)
Bladder 8 (PDF, 3pp)
Bladder 9 (PDF, 1p)
Bladder 10 (PDF, 4pp)
Bladder Knee Points: A Bend in the River (PDF, 4pp)
Bladder Leg Points: Receiving Support and Abundance (PDF, 3pp)


And More…


Water: Spirit of the Herbs

Intro to Sang Piao Xiao Mantis Formula (PDF, 20pp)
FREE – Yu Nu Jian Parts 1-6 (6 videos, 69 min)