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Excerpt from “What Five Element Health Looks Like”


“There’s going to be a balance that’s right for you, and it’s going to be a different balance than anyone else. In other words, as a starfish becomes well, it’s still a starfish, and starfish are not the same as giraffes, and just never will be more like a giraffe. Or put it this way — I was lucky enough to be in an herb class with a student who really was like an ox. I mean, the guy was an ox. He was steadfast and solid, and when he went wrong, he went wrong the way an ox goes wrong, and when he was really on, he was on the way an ox is on. And his Fire was kind of an ox’s Fire, and his Water was an ox’s Water, and his Earth was an ox’s kind of Earth, and his Metal was an ox’s kind of Metal, and et cetera.

And there was this other guy in the class with this beautiful, narrow, sloping shoulders, and his upright — he was a great blue heron. You’re in the presence of a great blue heron. And this great blue heron, when he was having trouble, it was as a great blue heron would have trouble. The ox never had issues with molting. It just doesn’t occur, it doesn’t happen. And he [the great blue heron] would have those issues. And when he was in his health, he was in a great blue heron’s kind of health, and the Metal Element of a great blue heron — and he was a very Metally person — it’s not the same as the noble Metal of an ox. They both have Metal! And the Fire of a great blue heron, it’s just not the same as the chuckling Fire of an ox. So we all have all Five of the Elements, and we have them in our full complement, but we have them in our style.

Jeffrey Yuen describes it in terms of the Triple Heater moving the jing up from ming men into the shu points, and distributing that jing unevenly! It’s not an even distribution, but it’s a balance that’s right for us, for our organism. That’s my understanding.”