Chinese Medicine Live Classes

Live classes with Thea Elijah are an opportunity to explore, experience, interact and engage. Our learning style is what the Chinese call Gan Dong, “the transmission of knowledge that takes place only when the heart is moved.”


Having studied with Thea I can tell you that she is like no other in her extraordinary sensibility to the nuances of the energetics of life. If you wish to bridge the mind-body dualism of Western thinking and moisten the dryness of mental health abstraction, if you long for an intimate connection to the ground and substance of the nature of your patient’s lives, if you wish to know and experience the energetics of living systems, or if you desire a clearer understanding of the relationship between Western concepts and the nature of pathology from an Eastern perspective, I strongly recommend an experience with Thea Elijah. Even if you are new to concepts of Chinese Medicine, her wide open heart full of love, her keen intellect, and her boundless generosity will give you all you need to embrace the wisdom of Chinese medicine. It will dramatically change your perception in your work with patients.

David London, MD Integrative Holistic Psychiatrist, Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, Yale Univeristy Chinese Medicine Live Classes September 13, 2016


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