Chinese Medicine Live Classes

Live classes with Thea Elijah are an opportunity to explore, experience, interact, and engage. Our learning style is what the Chinese call Gan Dong, “the transmission of knowledge that takes place only when the heart is moved.”


What makes this program truly remarkable is that the integration of the Five Element and Eight Principle systems takes place within a larger context — one which views sickness and healing as two sides of the same fabric. Seen from this vantage, each of us carries a singular destiny into the world, and the disharmonies we present on our journey through life are, in fact, the envelopes in which our strengths and powers are wrapped. Thea Elijah’s presentation of the herbs and formulas within this context encourages each practitioner to cultivate a resonance with his or her highest purpose so that our patients may do the same.

Deborah L., LAc, MAc Spirit of the Herbs Live Classes September 13, 2016


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Whole Heart Acupuncture

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Healing and Walking

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Spirit of the Herbs


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