Chinese Medicine Live Classes

Live classes with Thea Elijah are an opportunity to explore, experience, interact, and engage. Our learning style is what the Chinese call Gan Dong, “the transmission of knowledge that takes place only when the heart is moved.”


Thea Elijah is a dedicated and uniquely gifted teacher of Chinese medicine. Her dramatic ability to embody herbs, and the pathological conditions and virtues being discussed tends to be unforgettable and, at times, courageous. Thea leads her students in experiential exercises that ground the information she presents in deeply felt interactive moments. She also really notices her students, and truly works with the unique people in the room with her. It’s hard to describe how good her classes are, other than to say I’ve been looking for a teacher to help me deepen my understanding and practice of Chinese medicine, and when I met Thea, I knew that what she offers is what I’d been looking for.

Will F., Lac, MA Chinese Medicine Live Classes September 12, 2016


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Special Chinese Medicine Classes


Whole Heart Acupuncture

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Healing and Walking

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Spirit of the Herbs


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