Five Element Seasonal Emails

I love these daily reminders and pictures! They bring the Element and season into a sharper focus for me. I am encouraged to think more about the energy and benefits of each season and how I am moving through them. Grateful!

–Sandra Ballard

Fire Seasonal Emails


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Wow, during what we hope is the tail end of the pandemic, how do we re-open to love, joy and connection? Most of us are seriously out of practice and may need a very gentle jump-start. It’s been like a year-long winter for so many of us, in isolation. This may be a very different summer than we’ve ever experienced before—hopefully very different from last summer, though likely still not anything like the summers of our past.

Fire is all about blossoming and connection. I suspect that we could all use a little help with remembering how to blossom. It’s also a turning point opportunity for re-emerging more fully and more healthily than ever before. Never mind how we used to live—Fire is about being fully present, now. Given who we are now, with a profoundly transformed social landscape, what does it take to open to connection, to keep connections healthy, and to transform our connection into nourishment that lasts even during the cold and dark times?

How It Works

Starting June 1st, you will receive 30 days’ worth of Fire Integration emails, bringing you thoughts, images, and reminders of how to immerse in the energy of spring and receive its benefits most fully. This one-month subscription will support participants in integrating Fire practices and insights into their daily lives through reminders of practical ways to develop healthy Fire.

There will be two emails each day: in the a.m. you will receive an email with a picture and text, suggesting a thought or practice for getting the most out of summer; and in the p.m., you will receive an extra email with an image to reflect upon and enjoy. For those who want CEUs, after the 30-day series is finished, you can fill in the worksheet and take the quiz.

Please Note!

If you sign up for the emails after June 1st (but before July 15th), your email series will start from the beginning within a few days.

Also know that this series is identical to last year’s series!

We are not creating new content for the Seasonal Emails at this time.

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