Whether we are talking about physical health, making healthy decisions, or acting on behalf of the health of our planet, our first and most important task is to recognize when we have lost heart, and avail ourselves of the infinite resources for taking heart again.
–Thea Elijah


One-on-One Consults with Thea Elijah

Sometimes the most powerful way to take a strong step forward is with direct and focused one-on-one engagement. Thea Elijah offers personal phone consultations and professional mentorship.


Phone Consults

One-on-one phone sessions with Thea Elijah provide a very focused opportunity to do deep healing work on issues as wide ranging as physical illness or family conflict, professional development or access to deeper states of prayer.

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Practitioner Peer Mentorship

Thea Elijah will join you in your practice for 2-4 days, to see your clients with you and give you diagnostic, treatment and practitioner development feedback and coaching tailored to you and your practice.

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