Unifying Theory and Practice

What does it mean to be a healer? How does acupuncture REALLY work (and how do we enhance its efficacy)? As an herbalist, how do we treat Element dynamics? What about complex illnesses like cancer or addiction, that can’t be put in any one category? What are Xi Cleft points actually doing? Explore these and other aspects of healing practice in real life.

The Theory section of the Five Element Archive includes a lot of rich material that takes us beyond our usual assumptions about how Chinese medicine works, as well as extensive material which applies to all five Elements, and to clinical applications of Chinese medicine such as addiction, diabetes, and cancer.

At Perennial Medicine, we are creating self-guided, online CEU experiences that are enjoyable and genuinely rich in content. Courses include articles, audio, and video selections that have been crafted to engage your heart, your mind, and your clinical healership. All courses are approved by NCCAOM and are also accepted by the Florida board.

FREE – The Perennial Medicine (MP3, 1 hr 14 min; Transcript)
FREE – Numerology: Comparison of 5 & 8 (MP3, 49:07)
FREE – Seasons and Weather: Integrating 5 & 8 (7 MP3s, 51:17)

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Command Points

Source Points (2 MP3s, 96 min)
Horary Points (2 MP3s, 103 min)
Xi Cleft Points (2 MP3s, 103 min)

Five Element Theory

FREE – Five Element Treatment Protocols (PDF, 15pp)
Exit-Entry Blocks: Intro (MP3, 9:55)
Exit-Entry Blocks of the Head (PDF, 7pp)
Internal Dragons (2 MP3s, 39:25)
FREE – Thoughts About Points and Needling (PDF, 3pp)

FREE – Middle-Aged White Woman Teaching Asian Medicine (MP3, 10:18)

In this volume, you will find all of the writings from the Theory and Practice section of the Five Element Archive. This includes material on Five Element theory; needling; how to approach herbal studies; being a practitioner; various diverse topics, including a very full consideration of cancer treatment; and the Five Elements of Recovery.

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