Assisting in the Sufi Way – Sufi School NE – June 28, 2019

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Assisting in the Sufi Way

Sufi School Northeast – June 28, 2019

Sufi assisting skills and assistant team-building
for those attending Sufi School Northeast

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In Service Together

I teach assisting skills which are based on the skills that I learned in TIP at USHS more than a decade ago. I’ve developed them over time by learning from my students and my classes what helps various individuals reliably access what I call Group Heart. The focus is on various body-based aspects of Remembrance, so that we can fully ground in both Heaven and Earth, anchor in the different Layers of the Heart, and form a collective container that brings security and emptiness for the Divine light to flow through.

Because everyone has their own fitra, there will be unique gifts that each of us carry as assistants. The joy of working with a team is the freedom to be exactly what we are, while simultaneously part of something greater than ourselves. There are specific practices that I teach which help us find that balance of individual essence and universal connection.

Sustainable Giving

In other venues, I teach these assisting skills as a form of “burn-out prevention” to nurses, teachers, parents, activists, and others. It’s all about what I call Me First Healing. With an infinite Source to support us, giving to others does not have to be tiring—in fact it can nourish us deeply. This emphasis on receiving while giving—and having a really good time—will be central to the work we do together.

People who take this one-day class in assisting skills are invited to join us as we assist the Sufi School event during all or part of the following three days—but this is not mandatory! You can come and just take the class, and perhaps assist another year (or use these skills elsewhere in your own life).

Workshop Date

June 28, 2019
9:30am – 4:30pm


Sufi School Northeast
The Walker Center for Ecumenical Exchange
171 Grove St
Newton/Auburndale, MA 02466


Tuition for this one-day workshop is FREE, but you must
be signed up for Sufi School Northeast in order to attend!

Visit the Sufi Center Northeast website to register for SSNE


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