Herbs on Common Ground: Fire – Live Webinar – June 26, 2022

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What Fire herbal formulas are most likely to be of use in the summer?

Naturally, cooling herbs may be more clearly indicated in summer, and they are safest to use during the warmest time of year. We will discuss the differences between different kinds of heat, and how to treat them herbally.

ANXIETY is also a condition that often becomes prominent and more easily treated during the Fire season—and there are as many different kinds of anxiety as there are Fire herbal formulas. Is it the fluttering social anxiety of Gui Zhi Tang formulas, or the post-shock anxiety of Sheng Mai San, or the restless anxiety of Suan Zao Ren Tang? Is it the confused anxiety of An Shen Ding Zhi Tang, or the deep aching empty anxiety of Tian Wang Bu Xin Dan?

Perhaps it is not actually Fire anxiety at all—it might actually be fear agitating the Bladder, or a clenching and churning Stomach. These are important distinctions for the herbalist! Together we will distinguish between Fire, Earth, and Water anxiety (with a little bit of Wood and Metal thrown in), and discuss the herbal strategies that our clients need right now.

A New Online Experience

This teleconference will be like no other that you have taken. We will use a variety of gentle yet effective online health and hygiene measures to create a Group Heart that will be nourishing, palpably connected, and rich with transmission.


What people are saying about working with Thea online: “The main thing I was most struck by after a 3-4 hour practice with Thea was how energized and full I felt; I was ready to keep going when it ended.  It was the exact opposite of how I’ve felt after many 1-hour Zoom calls at work.”

– David S.

Thea Elijah’s teaching style is inimitable. She dresses up in costume, she plays relevant music, she says things that anyone might think but would NEVER say out loud. She’ll do whatever it takes to get across the energetic of an herb or formula. Performance art and class exercises are her primary medium for teaching the spirit of the herbs. I am so grateful to be learning this material through life experiences and descriptions which are easy to remember and true to life.

– Ben M., L.Ac., M.Ac.

About Thea

Thea Elijah, LAc, has been a student of Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture for over 30 years. She is the former director of the Chinese Herbal Studies Program at Tai Sophia Institute and the Chinese Herbal Studies Program at the Academy for Five Element Acupuncture. She has apprenticed and studied with some of the most influential Chinese medicine teachers in the West. Thea is also a Muqaddam of the Shadhuliyyah Sufi Order.

Perennial Medicine and Anti-Racism

At Perennial Medicine, all classes are taught from an anti-racist healing perspective. Our classes are not just informative but also experiential, and it is our ongoing intention to nurture a capacity for active anti-racist healing space in all of our work. We call upon everyone to be willing to explore the possibility of safety beyond our comfort zone, as we navigate the skills necessary to be able to truly “be here” for each other in Group Heart.


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