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WHC Mentorship Series Part II — Live Webinar
Beginning September 2021


What is the Mentorship Series?

The WHC Mentorship Series is an extended course in practical Whole Heart Connection skills. The course includes four three-day workshop weekends live with Thea on the Zoom platform, as well as interim phone connections during the intersessions with classmates and with Thea Elijah.

The mentorship program is designed to help you anchor and expand your WHC skills in your body, in your heart, in your community, and in your life.


Who Is It For?

The ideal participant for the Mentorship is a committed student who wants direct mentorship within a WHC group heart environment. In order to register, it is preferred that the student has attended at least two Whole Heart Connection Intro workshops. It is required that the student has a commitment to being of service to others both in and out of class, and is not simply interested in personal healing.

The emphasis in this mentorship will be me-first healing through service, which means that much of the time, our personal healing will occur while we are being of service to others or to the class as a whole. All students must be willing to learn class assistantship skills, and be ready to rotate in and out of assisting roles (don’t worry, you’ll be well trained).

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Course Content

We will review and anchor familiar practices at the beginning of each weekend, then segue into new material including teaching/group heart tending skills, layers of the heart, distinguishing voices, and facing challenging people/situations with peace and integrity. As always, class content will be maximally flexible to meet the needs of those who choose to participate — and of the people/situations to which we each are in service.


Course Location and Schedule

The live workshop weekends of the Mentorship Series will take place on Zoom. Workshops will run from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. eastern time (8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. pacific time)

The phone classes will be conducted via teleconference.


Whole Heart Connection Mentorship Part II

Module Dates
Mentorship On-Ramp For those who are newly joining Part II
August 28-29, 2021 (note there is a $350 charge for this workshop in addition to the mentorship tuition)
First Weekend September 24-26, 2021
Interim Calls 1 Between September 27 and November 4
Second Weekend November 5-7, 2021
Interim Calls 2 Between November 8 and January 13
Third Weekend January 14-16, 2022
Interim Calls 3 Between January 17 and February 24
Fourth Weekend February 25-27, 2022
Interim Calls 4 Between Feb 28 and March 28


Tuition and Payment Schedule for WHC Mentorship Series Part II

Registration Date Discount Payment Due Date Total
Register by August 15, and
Pay in a Lump Sum

$500 Deposit due upon registration
Balance due on
September 15

Register by September 10, and Pay in a Lump Sum $100 $500 Deposit due upon registration
Balance due on
September 15
Register at any time and choose to pay installments $500 Deposit due upon registration $2,260*

*This price does not include the cost of the Mentorship On-Ramp which is a workshop intended for those who did not participate in the Mentorship Series Part I. Tuition for the Mentorship On-Ramp is $350 and is due upon registration.

If you have more specific questions about tuition, the payment schedule, or setting up a payment plan, please contact us.



Attendees for each weekend workshop will earn 14 NCCAOM-approved CEUs.

Refund Policy

In the (very rare) event of a workshop cancellation, all tuition will be refunded. Otherwise, any refund is at the sole discretion of Perennial Medicine.

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