Whole Heart Connection Making Connections – Live Webinar- April 30, 2022

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 Participation in this Whole Heart Connection workshop is limited to students who have already completed the Whole Heart Connection Intro (either online or in person).  For those who attended the Whole Heart Connection Intro in person, but have not attended an online event, join me first for Taking Heart at 11:00 a.m.

What is the Difference Between Healing & Walking?

What Is Healing?

Healing, when it is not merely symptomatic, is a re-alignment with our original nature, and adaptation with integrity to unfolding circumstances in our lives. This is not always easy! That’s why we often need a lot of healing, to dissolve the ways in which we have become “not ourselves.” When, due to loss of heart, we are not living in accordance with our own original nature or with the actual unfolding of circumstances in our lives, there is illness, and there is suffering.

What Is Walking?

“Walking” is a term borrowed from Sufism. Walking refers not to the inward or outward manifestations of healing, but with the spiritual transformation associated with deeper connection to Source. Walking is not about trying to feel better; it’s about opening to the loving truth and letting it dismantle us in some way. Sometimes this is referred to as “ego death.” Beyond that opening, our life is a new creation that cannot be imagined by who we are now.

Taking Heart

If you’ve already attended a Whole Heart Connection Intro and you want a chance to re-immerse in heart-space, please join us for our monthly Taking Heart gathering.

Or, if you want a brief review of how Whole Heart Connection skills translate into an online context before signing up for other classes, join us for this short and sweet review of the basic practices. Learn more here.

Thea Elijah is one of the most influential teachers I have ever studied with. It is not an overstatement to say she has changed my life. She is a profoundly insightful and compassionate human being, who teaches beautifully simple practices for coming into greater and greater presence and resilience in the face of any life circumstance. Thea’s mentorship program is a wonderful opportunity to go even more deeply into the experience of receiving love and support from the Divine, which both nourishes us as individuals and overflows into all areas of our lives. I am continually struck by the practicality and relevance of Thea’s teachings and their ability to ease suffering, bring joy, and promote understanding in a world that longs for these qualities.

Liz S., ND Whole Heart Connection Mentorship Series September 13, 2016

Whole Heart Connection for Personal and Social Healing

These are tools for fostering equality even in the midst of social power imbalance, and for becoming effective agents of social change without courting burn-out. In fact, Whole Heart Connection will do more for your health than you would have believed possible in such difficult times.

Whole Heart Connection practices draw upon aikido, Chinese medicine, and Sufism, all of which teach us that healthy change takes place on a me-first basis. Our goal is the well-being of entire communities, and so we are committed to fostering personal health every step of the way. There is no division between being an activist and taking care of ourselves.

Perennial Medicine’s Commitment to Social Justice

At Perennial Medicine, we are committed to addressing the roots and manifestations of socially constructed power imbalances without shaming, blaming, or oversimplification. We understand that social justice is a very complex topic, and we welcome people who are at different stages of exploring all the ways that we might create a more fair and equitable world together.

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