Heart 7: Poetry or Chaos?

Hans Peter Dürr was a physicist who thought that he was lecturing on physics, but I believe that he was lecturing on the nature of consciousness and the Heart. He remarked that any poem, written in a language that you don’t know, just looks like utter gibberish. Just complete and utter gibberish—what is that?

Hans Peter Dürr physicist
Hans Peter Dürr

Now, a poem is probably the least chaotic thing there is. He then went on to say, “Nature is a poem in a language that we don’t know—” to which I would add, “—if we are of very urban of consciousness.” Because it is possible to start attuning to the poetry of the river and its ripples, to the wind and its breezes.

Please come with me on this, because this is every single one of us, whether we live in the country or the city. We can be living in a very urban consciousness, where we only understand reality if the streets are numbered. We all probably have a part of us that is really into numbering the streets of reality, and we only feel comfortable when all the streets are numbered, and exist at right angles, and are equal distance from each other. Then all the buildings have to be a certain way, and walls. That’s urban consciousness.

bee swarm

To somebody in urban consciousness, the winds are chaotic. The river’s ripples are chaotic. We are with the Earth point and Source point on Heart, which gives us a transitional place to stand, as we move from urban consciousness to nature consciousness, which moves the way that a swarm of bees moves. The Hearts has within it the ability to see the poetry in a swarm of bees. The Heart has the ability to look up at the chaos of the stars in the sky at night… No regulatory commission would pass that!

The Heart has the ability to look up at the chaos of the stars in the sky, and feel a sense of rightness in it, and feel like, “Okay, this is okay.”

It’s chaos. It’s total mayhem. Look at those stars, with their design thrown all around. Who did that?

milky way

The Heart is built for the recognition of a vast continuum of rhythm and order within chaos, without which there would be no poetry and no art.

We are coming out of shock, and back into sovereignty, via the consciousness of the poet, the artist, and the nature artist–like the one who made the stars, the one who made waves, the one who makes the wind.

Maybe there is no chaos. Maybe there are only poems in languages we don’t know.

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