Herb of the Week: An Introduction

Herb of the Week: An Introduction

What is herb of the week? It actually came out of something called the Herbal Weather Report. I would teach herbal formulas specifically from the point of view of what I think is going on in all of the elements right now–whatever practitioners are most likely going to be seeing blowing in the wind, and therefore most likely to want to use in their practice. It was a way of speaking not just to herbalists’ concerns; it was also an opportunity to use the herbs to explore aspects of being that we all have in common.

That is very much still the case. I work with herbs as teachers. They teach me how to be. So even if you are not an herbalist, you might be very interested in the herb of the week–not necessarily to take the herbs in plant form, but to be the herb. To sound the note.

The word for herbalism in Chinese means “music in plant form.” Plants are incredibly benevolent in singing these notes for us, that we weave together into little theme songs, and then drink them. But they’re not the only ones who can sound a note! You can sound a note.

There are many times when healing begins inside of me, just because I know that there is an herb for that. When an herb does that, it does by being a pitch pipe inside of us, until we gain the confidence to sound that note ourselves.

Herb of the week is an opportunity to reflect on the nature of an energetic that seems relevant and healing during that week. We can use that herb as a pitch pipe, and go forth in our lives sounding the note.

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