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Herbs on Common Ground Live Webinars

Are you looking for a way to re-ignite your passion for practicing Chinese herbal medicine?  Join us for Herbs on Common Ground, a gathering of practitioners at many different levels of experience. We discuss relevant trends in our practices these days, share case studies, and learn to embody the Spirit of the Herbs as we discuss both singles and formulas.

Here are some video excerpts from recent Herbs on Common Ground gatherings:

Read about Thea Elijah’s unique approach to teaching herbs on the Acupuncture Today website.

Spirit of the Herbs Audio for CEUs

Many of us began studying Chinese herbs with passion and fascination…  and then dread, boredom, and overwhelm when the descriptions of the herbal energetics became as dry and dusty as the ancient herb samples in the dispensary. Do you ever feel like you need to start over, in order to feel the herbs as poetry and music? Do you long to know the herbs as friends with whom you share deeply?

The Spirit of the Herbs complete audio compendium includes 60 hours’ worth of meticulously curated teachings on 40 of the most common formulas and 100 common singles. It also includes 279 pages of course notes and study aids, all of which reflect the practicality, directness, and freshness of the inimitable Spirit of the Herbs teaching style.

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Spirit of the Herbs on YouTube

This collection of videos is a dramatic initiation into Thea’s embodied Spirit of the Herbs teaching style. We lead off with several videos that explain and demonstrate the essence of Thea’s teaching style, and then plunge right into the experience of several formula presentations.

Spirit of the Herbs: Who’s Invited?
How Chinese Herbs Work
Understanding What Herbs Do
Herb Intro: Dosage is a Mystical Art
Heart Voice and Gan Dong
Spirit of the Herbs: Small Intestine Style
Mei Men Dong Parts I and II
Si Wu Tang Parts I-VI