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Herb of the Week: An Introduction

Herb of the Week: An Introduction What is herb of the week? It actually came out of something called the Herbal Weather Report. I would teach herbal formulas specifically from the point of view of what I think is going on in all of the elements right now–whatever practitioners are most likely going to be seeing blowing in the wind, and therefore most likely to want to use in their practice. It was a way of speaking not just to herbalists' concerns; it was also an opportunity to use the herbs to explore aspects of being that we all have in common. That is very much still the case. I work with herbs as teachers. They teach me how to be. ... Read more

Heart 7: Poetry or Chaos?

https://youtu.be/ccT4CxkZ_o0 Heart 7: Poetry or Chaos? Hans Peter Dürr was a physicist who thought that he was lecturing on physics, but I believe that he was lecturing on the nature of consciousness and the Heart. He remarked that any poem, written in a language that you don't know, just looks like utter gibberish. Just complete and utter gibberish—what is that? Hans Peter Dürr Now, a poem is probably the least chaotic thing there is. He then went on to say, "Nature is a poem in a language that we don't know—" to which I would add, "—if we are of very urban of consciousness." Because it is possible to start attuning to the poetry of the river and its ripples, to the wind ... Read more

Conflict of Interest in Partnership: More Wood for the Fire

Conflict of Interest in Partnership: More Wood for the Fire The spring-into-summer time period is about the transition between Wood and Fire, and the relationship between Wood and Fire. It’s a close relationship, because in this system, the Liver and the Heart Mediator are considered to be the two ends of a single meridian, called the jueyin. It is considered to be the meridian of blood and tenderness and close feelings, positive or negative. Sometimes I call it the Divorce Meridian. It’s the moment when you discover that your partner is not always your partner (Heart Mediator); they’re also your enemy, or at least your competitor (Liver). It’s the discovery of “Oh, wait a minute beloved, sometimes we have very ... Read more

Healing and Beyond

Here is another video excerpt and transcript from a Whole Heart Connection: Making Connections workshop. It’s about Healing and Walking. If you are not familiar with these terms, you can watch the video and see if the transmission reaches you anyway… or you can review my video blog from July 31, 2020, which introduces these very important concepts.  https://youtu.be/4Cmu1P2o-Ew Healing and Beyond I've been thinking a whole lot about healing in the context of "healing and walking"—in the context of damage—in the context of that which can (or cannot) actually be healed.   I think that this is very important these days, because there's a lot going on, inside of and outside of individual humans, that I'm not sure is actually a candidate for ... Read more

Spring Equinox CEU Finger Scissors

Finger Scissors Here is a Gallbladder and Colon meridian disentangling exercise for people who are really not sure about the difference between their rage and their shit, and they don't want to fling shit at somebody when they are angry.   I learned this back when I was obsessed with what I called meridian entanglements, or meridian bleed-throughs. These are places in the body where the energy of one meridian, or one point on a meridian, was dominating or muddying the flow of another meridian, or points on that meridian. The solution had to do with alternately pulling the digits associated with the two meridians (one of them was usually a Wood meridian) to create contradistinction between the two associated muscle trains, ... Read more

Safety in Treating Anger

https://youtu.be/fNY2bIs3hTg This segment comes from Thea's self-guided CEU Safety in Treating Anger. Safety in Treating Anger What is healthy anger? It's something that can get very politicized, very tangled into other agendas. I'm wanting to make it clear that being right and being healthy are two different things. You can be totally right, and having a stroke. You can be totally right, and acting out in ways that are very regrettable. You can be totally right and collapsed in a small heap on the floor. We are not discussing whether or not you are right. As healers, it's not our job, actually, to discuss whether or not somebody is right about whatever they are right about. It's important not to be crediting ... Read more

The Art of Waiting

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7YJSCQhKm1A The Art of Waiting I love spending the first moments of a workshop waiting.For people who haven't waited with me before: I really noticed how completely I could destroy my health while waiting. The winds that would come up, the dust devils, the incredible things that would happen to me while waiting, that were really really awful. I could get just so much worse, in every way, from waiting. That's when I decided to start practicing the spiritual and medical art of waiting. Because if things can get that bad while waiting, how good could they get? I'm really feeling for it right now as we speak, and you can join me. Waiting, what an incredible opportunity. How is my whole ... Read more

Songs of Awakening

https://youtu.be/1QdrDyENJlk Songs of Awakening Anybody know any waking up songs? I know a lot of lullabies to help people go to sleep. But what are the songs for waking up? "You can get it if you really want..." That's a good one. "Oh, what a beautiful morning." Exactly. There you go. That's so good. Because, you know, "They say that waking up is hard to do..."   And it is sometimes! You know, I’m from New England. It’s not like below the Mason Dixon Line, where the spring comes like Beethoven’s Sixth Symphony just exhaling out of the ground. It’s grouchy up here, up North. Right? Spring seems to growl, “I don’t want to wake up.” The ground is groaning, “Springtime, where’s my ... Read more

What is an Acupuncture Point?

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-QmzXnH6e3A What is an Acupuncture Point? As I understand it, how acupuncture works is that each point is like a well, or a note, a sound, or a bell that holds a deep truth about the nature of life. Then, by resonance, life experiences that are relevant to that deep truth about life tend to fall into that well, like leaves—like misunderstandings, like things that muffle and shadow and distort and keep us from accessing that deep truth. What we are doing when we place a needle in the point is one of two things, or both. One is dispersing. When we turn the needle in a dispersing way, we are clearing the debris out of the bell, so that it can ... Read more

Winter into Spring Seasonal Resources

Winter into Spring Seasonal Resources The “energetic medicine” of late winter is not the same as early winter. While pre-solstice early winter is about greeting the darkness with a willingness to rest and relax into the mystery that surrounds us (rather than being afraid of the dark), post-solstice winter is about the slow steady return of the light. Between winter solstice and spring equinox, it’s still more dark than light! It’s a long haul forward, and so late winter practices focus on strengthening the pilot light in the lower dantian, to prepare us for eventual emergence into light and action in the spring.  In creating this Late Winter not-yet-Spring resource blog, I am aware that many of us live in different parts ... Read more
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