Quick Tonification of the Bladder Meridian

Here’s a quick tonification for your Bladder meridian, into a degree of stateliness and containedness that will not necessarily help increase your energy level immediately like a quick fix, but it will increase your efficiency and your wisdom, such that especially if you are already tired, you will not be shredding yourself further. You will be much more in touch with your inner resources, which in turn will lead to having more energy and more wisdom in the not-very-long run. 

The practice has to do with your back body, starting with the back of your mind, which for most people is like a gerbil wheel that just keeps going around and around and around back there, wasting a lot of energy, and not creating clarity.  

The first thing to do is just notice the gerbil wheel at the back of your head, and release it to become a down escalator back there, flowing down.  

Notice that when you turn your head, you have choices. You could turn your head by leading with your nose i.e., your face could be turning your head. 

Or, you could use the back of your head, i.e., you could turn the back of your head to the right or left, and of course that makes the front turn also. 

We are going to focus on turning the back of the head, from those muscles that attach to the back of your head, and go down your back. 

Do that slowly back and forth a few times, slowly enough that you can actually feel those muscles attached to the back of your skull, as they extend down through the back of your neck. You can probably start to feel them through the space between your shoulder blades. If you turn your head from the back slowly and carefully enough, you may feel those muscles engage all the way from the back of your head, through that shoulder blade area, all the way down to where they attach on your sacrum. 

Pause and notice how it feels to have this degree of alignment between the back of your head, back of your heart, and back of your sacrum. Just notice what that feels like. 

Now just for contrast, look around, moving from the front of your head: Oh, look at that. Oh, look over there. Oh, look, look. 

Then after looking around at the front, notice, how is the level of alignment between your head and your heart and your gut?

Let’s switch once again to turning the back of your head with the back of your head. Feel for the lines of muscles running from the back of the head, through the back of the heart, all the way down to the sacrum. Do that a few times, then pause again to notice the degree of integration between the intelligence of the head, the intelligence of the heart and the intelligence of the guts—a very different place to navigate from. 

Give it a try. See how the wisdom and endurance of your Bladder meridian may be different. 

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