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Personal Healing Consult with Thea and Nur


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On a conscious leveI, I’m not sure I understand what happened during the session with Thea and Nur, But I feel grateful to you both for helping me to cultivate a state where I can maintain my equilibrium in the midst of hardship. After all, that is what being here is all about, is it not?

– Helen Schmidt


I am in awe of what happened in the healing [with Nur and Thea]. I felt pretty raw yesterday, but today I feel strong; clear, light, balanced, renewed. A huge veil was lifted, and I sense my light body is rearranging to a new sacred geometry, with a lot more trust, freedom and spaciousness. Big gratitude to these two anointed healers, for lending their sincere hearts and expertise to the process. I know that many have, and will, benefit from this work.

– Jewel Permut


Thea and Nur

Thea Elijah is a Sufi healer and a Five Element acupuncturist, herbalist and teacher, and Nur Preston is a bodyworker and a highly skilled intuitive spiritual healer of the Shadhiliyyah Sufi tradition.

When Thea and Nur work together in person, they offer a combination of acupuncture, bodywork and Sufi healing. Over the phone, they offer in-depth Sufi healing with Chinese medicine perspective.