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Practitioner Peer Mentorship Half-Day with Thea and Nur


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Practitioner-Client Mentorship with Thea and Nur

In a half-day (mornings from 9:00am – 12:30pm, or afternoons from 1:30pm – 5:00pm) practitioners can bring clients to be seen by all three of us (Nur, Thea and the practitioner). We will do a diagnostic assessment of the client with an emphasis on not just healing, but also “walking”. In each session’s treatment, there is often a bodywork component, an acupuncture component, and traditional Sufi prayer invocations. Practitioners do their own needling with very extensive coaching from Thea and Nur in how to embody the transmission and hold a very wide, very steady connection between the client’s heart, the practitioner’s heart, and Source.

An important part of the work is that we are all in the same boat together — the treatment room is a field of prayer in which we all heal and all walk. Frequently during sessions, if one of us is stuck or closed in some area that is not allowing the healing to come through for the client, we will gently but directly support each other to step through it and open more fully to the healing. When we work with another practitioner, they join us in this dynamic, so we will support them in opening to healing as it comes through them — for the sake of the client, but for themselves also.

Because of how much healing and walking occurs for the practitioner in the course of a mentored session, we suggest doing only half-days rather than full days of seeing clients with us — but any practitioner can do more than one half day if they like. We find that the amount of healing and walking for the practitioner in one half-day is usually plenty to integrate.

The fee for the Practitioner-Client Mentorship is $500 per half-day, each half-day allowing for two clients. Clients can pay $250 per treatment to offset the fee, or the practitioner can pay all or part of the fee.


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