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Healing Despair and Resignation — March 16-17, 2019


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Healing Loss of Heart

Clients come to us, generally, speaking, because they want to feel better. What it means to “feel better” is layered, all the way from just having the pain or illness go away, to addressing the imbalance that is behind the pain or illness. As acupuncturists, most of us were trained to see symptoms as rooted in underlying patterns of disharmony, which are in turn rooted in constitutional causality: on some level, your illness is your conversation with your life.

For many practitioners, our practice is increasingly populated by clients whose primary underlying issue is actually loss of heart, in the form of resignation or despair.

In resignation, the qi is difficult to mobilize. Despair significantly diminishes ming men fire. No matter what the client’s presenting issues, unacknowledged despair and resignation compound the challenges of successful treatment, and make it that much more difficult for the needles and herbs to do their work.

When we as practitioners are not intimidated by despair and resignation, we can address them just like any other pattern of disharmony: First we re-establish the Emperor (the Heart) on the throne. Then we consider the transformation of virtue inherent in the pathology, as well as this client’s pathway home to the One.


Workshop Dates

Saturday and Sunday
March 16-17, 2019
9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.


TCM World Foundation
34 West 27 St
Suite 1212
New York, NY 10001