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There is no beauty in life without the one who apprehends it. Our capacity for appreciation is a function of the Metal element, and it is a measure of our ability to wrest from Heaven a sense of meaningful order that we are barely able to grasp in human terms. We cannot fit the whole sky into our Lung; nevertheless with every breath we receive the imprint of Heaven. We will never comprehend the entirety of the cosmic order, but with even our fragmentary and transient apprehension, we can frame a value system that allows us to live a meaningful life. A healthy Metal element allows us to live our everyday lives with an authenticity that is simple and natural, to be sincerely gracious in our dealings with each others, and to embody our deepest personal values consistently, moment by moment.

About the Emails

Would you like to get a daily reminder about autumn, with suggestions for simple exercises and practices that can help you receive the clarity and strength of Metal more fully?

Starting October 4, you can receive thirty days worth of Metal integration emails, bringing you thoughts, images and reminders of how to immerse in the energy of Autumn and receive its benefits most fully. This one-month subscription will support participants in integrating Metal practices and insights into their daily lives through reminders of practical ways to develop healthy Metal.

There will be two emails each day: in the a.m. you will receive an email with a picture and text, suggesting a thought or practice for getting the most out of autumn; and in the p.m. you will receive an extra email with an image to reflect upon and enjoy.

A Note About Timing

If you sign up before October 4, 2019, emails will begin October 4.

If you sign up after October 4, you WILL receive the full series of emails! The series will begin the day after you register.

Registration will close on November 18, 2019.