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Welcome! You are looking at this book because of students who got tired of waiting for me to publish my unfinished books, and who didn’t like looking at all of my writings on their computer. They wanted something that they could hold in their hands and read under a tree; I wanted to make sure that everyone knew that this was a rough draft, incomplete — and that within a few years hopefully there will be a polished version with substantially more material added.

Thank you for supporting this work. Your buying a copy of this book as a work-in-progress supports my ability to take the time to finish the complete versions!

For those of you who are licensed practitioners who need CEUs, many of these offerings are available for credit on my website

In this volume you will find all of the writings from the Fire section of the Five Element Archive. This includes material on the Fire Element, including reflections on Fire topics such as: non-uptight propriety; the significance of fingers, hands and arms; an in-depth exploration of the mental and spirit level functions of the Small Intestine and the Triple Heater; many articles on Fire points; and much more.