Pre-Solstice Water Retreat

Darkness That Nourishes
the Vitality Within

It’s the time for gathering all that we need to be able to face life’s opportunities with our inner intelligence, vitality, and courage.

Saturday, December 10, 2022
11:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. EST
(8:00 a.m. – 1:30 p.m. PST)
Live Webinar – Zoom

Practitioners will earn 5.5 NCCAOM CEUs (AOM-OM)

Tuition $180

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Darkness That Nourishes the Vitality Within

Pre-Solstice, it’s time for Metal to finish feeding Water by taking stock of our situation, let go of everything that isn’t here, and descending into the vibrant darkness within. We shed our ideals in order to root ourselves in our values, and hold that vitality deep inside during difficult times. This condensed vitality is like a seed; it’s got an alive intelligence that allows it to navigate the darkness. It’s courageous and strong and adaptable.

Pre-Solstice, our Kidney yin needs to be very careful about creating nesting times and places, so that it is safe to rest. Pre-Solstice winter is a time when we are still moving inwards towards the point of rest, for the sake of stoking a vitality that will allow us to face the continued time of darkness. Thus our retreat is about how we create enough space to be able to drop in, to find that point of regenerative vitality.

Our Pre-Solstice retreat is the precursor work for coming to a place of deep courage about the many things that we may find frightening or difficult. It’s the time for gathering all that we need to be able to face our life’s opportunities with our inner intelligence, vitality and courage. Join us.

Class Schedule

Due to attendees being in very different time zones, there is no “lunch break” per se. Class breaks will be 20 minutes long, and they will occur every 60-90 minutes or so. It is suggested that attendees whose natural lunch hour will occur during class time should make their lunch ahead of time so that it is ready to eat during the first 20-minute break.

Additional Information

Thea takes online health and hygiene seriously, and so we ask that you review the Group Heart materials prior to the workshop.

Please note, it is not recommended that participants divide their focus by taking extensive notes. In order to allow participants to relax into the discussion, we will make an audio recording which will be shared only with participants. The purpose of the recording will be to remind participants of what they learned. The recording will not be available for those who were not present in the class.

Refund Policy

In the (very rare) event of a workshop cancellation, all tuition will be refunded. Otherwise, any refund is at the sole discretion of Perennial Medicine.


Practitionerss will earn 5.5 NCCAOM-approved PDA Points (AOM-OM).