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Chinese Herbal Treatment of the Small Intestine CEU


7 Core PDA points

1 MP3, 79 min

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The Small Intestine is not only the primary seat of our perceptual/cognitive clarity; it is also in herbal medicine perhaps the means by which the herbs are able to “speak” to the whole body-mind-spirit. This class is an opportunity to listen to Debby Shapiro questioning Thea Elijah on treating the Small Intestine with Chinese herbs. Some of Debby’s questions include:

1) The Small Intestine seems to have the ability to take over a persons perceptions of reality and run wild, preventing them from connecting with their heart consistently and detouring them repeatedly often in rather destructive ways. How can you bring the Small Intestine back into its role as servant to the heart herbally?

2) What are the benefits and draw backs of treating the Small Intestine indirectly (via balancing/cooling the Heart and Stomach primarily)?

NOTE: Although the material covered in this class has tremendously rich diagnostic significance for acupuncturists as well as herbalists, the specifically herbal material presented in this class is intended to be used only by licensed herbalists. A full working knowledge of Chinese diagnostics and common standards of herbal prescription will be assumed. Prescribing herbs without sufficient education is dangerous.