Heart Mediator 8-9 and Triple Heater 1-2: Points of Contact CEU


4 NCCAOM-Approved PDA points (AOM-AC)

3 PDFs, 17pp

Both HM-9 Zhong Chong and TH-1 Chong Guan are first contact points. When we reach out to touch someone, this is where the first contact happens. TH-1 is the Metal Point on TH, while HM-9 is the Wood point on HM. That makes all the difference. HM-9 is about moving forward boldly; TH-1 says, “Let’s swiftly assess a few relevant details first.” When these two fingertip points are working together, we can successfully jump into some really great connection very swiftly. It’s when these two fingers are not working well together that we can just as quickly end up in social disaster.

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