Whole Heart Acupuncture Colon: Letting Go Into Majesty CEU


5.5 NCCAOM-Approved PDA points (AOM-OM)

4 Videos (2 hrs 48 min runtime)

Too often in our lives, we do not recognize the beauty and value of the gifts that surround us right now, because we are still clinging to past majesties. We want it to be the way it used to be. Indeed, “how it used to be” may have been wonderful, but are yesterday’s treasured gifts getting in the way of receiving what we are being offered today? Mourning over what is lost can, in some cases, completely block our ability to recognize new blessings—leaving us feeling unnecessarily impoverished. If “spiritual constipation” has kept us from allowing what used to be nourishing and valuable to leave our lives, we have no room for even greater treasures to be given to us. The Colon meridian stretches all the way from the pointed finger of utter specificity (CO 1) to the mystical apprehension of the most subtle fragrance of the Divine (CO 20). In between, the points of the Colon meridian help us to remember how to navigate the coming and going of the various forms of beauty, value, and treasure in our lives.

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