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Water Seasonal CEU Bundle

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42 Core PDA points

11 bundled CEU courses

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Winter and the Water Element

Winter is a time of deep inwardness, for the sake of profound ponderings in the dark. This bundle of 42 CEUs is designed to carry you deep into the inner world of Water, where you will re-anchor in your life’s authentic foundations. From here, you can embody the message of deep purpose and light-in-the-darkness for your clients all winter long.

A Life of Deep Happiness CEU

Winter: Water Immersion Day CEU

Intro to Bladder 1-2 CEU

Intro to Bladder 3-4-5 CEU

Intro to Bladder 6-10 CEU

Energetic Significance of Bladder Points on Upper Leg and Knee CEU

Intro to Kidney 1-6 CEU

Kidney 7-8: To Thine Own Self Be True CEU

Kidney 9-10: Rebirth in Darkness CEU

Kidney 2-11-16: Like an Engine CEU

Exit-Entry Blocks: Kidney-Heart Mediator Block CEU