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8 NCCAOM-Approved PDA points (AOM-OM)

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Growth is a very particular type of change. Growth is not “How am I going to accommodate to this situation?” Growth means: as a result of being in this situation, there’s going to be more of me out in the world, living. To understand the transformation from anger to constructiveness, it helps to understand something about plants and growth. Growth is always towards the light. You never see a plant growing towards the dark, ever. We grow from the dark. Anger in its healthy essence is the sense of “Hey, there could be some momentum here, and I don’t think what we are doing now is moving towards the light.” Well okay, in that moment of recognizing that this aspect of a situation isn’t moving towards the light, are you moving towards the light? The deep arousal of anger in the spirit of growth towards the light is what makes heroes.