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Liver 2-3-4: Foundations of Progress CEU


5 NCCAOM-Approved PDA points (AOM-AC)

3 PDFs, 16pp

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LIVER 3 is the broad flat plane of the foot, allowing movement in all possible directions, which is pure Chong. It is freedom in the median void between Heaven and Earth. It’s all the room that there is between yes and no, between up and down, or between all seeming opposites. All duality is the opportunity to have a lot of room for play. How wonderful that my life is a bridge between so many extremes. There is so much dance room.

LIVER 2: In health, the essence of Liver 2 is the experience of the first few weeks (or hopefully months and months) of falling in love. It is an incredibly directional movement of flying on fire towards the Beloved Other, shouting “YES!” The boldness and newness of people falling in love in the springtime is all here in Liver 2. With all composure coming undone, like the flowers dropping petals everywhere as I run, Liver 2 is the boldness of Wood in springtime, surging forward with love. (Of course, that is the health; read more to explore the various pathologies as well.)

LIVER 4: As the Metal point on the Liver meridian, and a narrowly defined passage between two tendons on the flexure of the ankle, Liver 4 helps us with honing our mandate, and narrowing the focus of our agenda so as to be able to move forward through tight, complicated, highly organized structures like the ankle.