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Spirit of the Herbs: Five Element Bundle CEU

$1,500.00 $1,275.00

100 CA-Approved Acupuncture PDA points (accepted by NCCAOM)

439 MP3s, 49 hours

These are Thea Elijah’s long-awaited full-length Spirit of the Herbs recordings—more than ten hours of herbal teaching per Element, plus extensive notes and worksheets. These recordings are meticulously edited and filled with vivid descriptions of Chinese herbal energetics. They include stories, metaphors, and imaginative exercises to help everyone “feel” the spirit of each of the herbs within their physical clinical context. The SOH CEUs are full of the heart and soul of Chinese herbs as you may have never heard them taught before

Note: although the material covered in this class has tremendously rich diagnostic significance for acupuncturists as well as herbalists, the specifically herbal material presented in this class is intended to be used only by licensed herbalists. A full working knowledge of Chinese diagnostics and common standards of herbal prescription will be assumed. Prescribing herbs without sufficient education is dangerous.

This includes the Audio Lectures for all five Elements—Earth, Wood, Fire, Metal, and Water.

Thea Elijah brings the formulas and singles alive with music, poetry, clinical stories, and her own inimitable combination of evocative metaphors and direct transmission. (It’s amazing how much comes across, even in a recording!)

We’ve carefully edited these Spirit of the Herbs Audio lectures, making every minute count, and clearly going over the various formulas and singles in each Element category. Each Element folder will have notes, multiple recordings, and a worksheet. Once you have listened to all the recordings and completed the worksheet, we will provide you with instructions for completing the online worksheet and quiz in order for you to receive your CEU/PDA certificate.

Keep in mind that the SOH material is taught in a particular order: Earth, Wood, Fire, Metal, and Water. If you listen out of order, there will be material on herbs covered in earlier classes which will not be repeated.

For example, there are extensive teachings on Ren Shen in Earth, and even though Ren Shen appears in many Metal formulas, that material will be skimmed over, not repeated, in Metal.

The purchase of this material does not include the right to copy, distribute, or otherwise share it with others. Thank you!

Spirit of the Herbs: Wood CEU

Spirit of the Herbs: Metal CEU

Spirit of the Herbs: Water CEU

Spirit of the Herbs: Fire CEU

Spirit of the Herbs: Earth CEU