Ethical Concerns in Cancer Treatment CEU


5 NCCAOM-Approved PDA points (ET)

1 video, 86 min

A cancer diagnosis has its own disease trajectory—including debilitating levels of fear and intimidation during which our client must make crucial health-care decisions. Our job as healers includes supporting our clients to be capable of making decisions that truly reflect their own values, rather than making decisions based on pressure from insurance companies and oncology doctors, whose economic stake on their decisions is far from neutral. Family members may also be putting pressure on clients to manage their illness in ways that are not compatible with the client’s own wishes. As practitioners, we need to look closely at our own role in supporting the client—rather than supporting a system that often does not serve health.

Product Reviews

I definitely appreciate Thea’s heartful approach, and bringing up the environmental concerns associated with chemotherapy. Great thought-provoking discussion on working with patients with cancer.

—Jean B 

Everything – large minded view, Small Intestine’s roll in sorting through ethical issues, information on current harmful effects of Western treatment on the environment. The question about what I value more than life itself, given a reminder of my mortality.

—Susan Berman

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