Five Element Treatment Protocols CEU


5 NCCAOM-Approved PDA points (AOM-OM)

1 PDF, 15pp

The Constitutional Factor (CF) is the primary cause not only of the client’s illness but of the client’s health. It is like a first domino in a long chain reaction. This domino did not fall down long ago in the past, leaving us the pieces to pick up now; it is continuing to fall down potentially every moment of the client’s life, thus every time knocking right back down again every domino that we pick up. This is why, although symptomatic treatments may bring dramatic immediate results, the effects are relatively temporary. The root disharmony will keep on producing a chain reaction of illness until it begins to heal.

Healing is not a removal of illness; it is a journey toward virtue or greater and greater alignment with Tao. Once the CF is oriented towards this journey of healing, this too has a profound chain reaction effect. If at any time, there is any way that we can access the deep power of the core virtue to help shift another Element towards virtue, this is always preferable, and most likely to be an enduring shift.

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