Intro to Colon and BL-30 CEU


3 NCCAOM-Approved PDA points (AOM-AC)

1 PDF, 6pp

Colon energy is about where in life I healthfully say “ZERO TOLERANCE,” and have the ability to enforce it through execution. Parasites, for instance. The Stomach welcomes everything—and the Colon needs to be able to say, “Not in my house.” The ability to say “No,” the ability to put an abrupt end to what does not serve us, and the ability to recognize and dispense with crap, are all very important functions of the Colon. When, however, the “letting go” process seems to be going on forever—or seems to keep recurring after we thought we’d already drawn the line—it’s time to consider BL 30 White Ring Correspondence, the shu point for the anus. Now that’s really the end.

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